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1980s and 90s - Progressive Rock

In August 1980, Random Hold (with whom Pete had been since 1979) went their separate ways, and although still doing studio session work, Pete was working the pub circuit in a local covers band.  In 1982, he joined Mike Rutherford (of Genesis fame) to record the album "Acting Very Strange" (featuring Stuart Copeland of "The Police"); and in the winter of that year, he was approached directly by XTC to play on their Mummer and Big Express albums (recorded at Richard Branson’s The Manor in Oxfordshire, and in Swindon respectively). Pete liked their progressive rock slant, so didn’t think twice before accepting their request to play on both albums, although he stopped short of actually joining the band as a full time member. (XTC - Beating of Hearts).


In between recording the two XTC albums, in early 1983, Pete joined The Eurythmics, touring widely in the UK, Europe and the US playing the iconic venues of the time - Hammersmith Odeon, Manchester and Glasgow Apollos and Brighton Dome in the UK, and in the US, large open-air venues in LA and San Francisco. Of course there were appearances on Top of the Pops. The touring was as a result of recording their UK and US chart-topping single "Who's That Girl", and the A-graded album "Touch", which went down a storm and quickly reached No.1 in the UK album charts, remaining in the top 100 for 48 weeks. Pete's first gig with The Eurythmics was recorded in May 1983 at London's Heaven night club for MTV, later released as the 1985 Sweet Dreams Video Album. During this time, Pete was unsuccessfully approached by Fish to play for Marillion, and also by ex Thin Lizzy’s Gary Moore.

In 1985 Pete resurrected the sleeping Glitter Band, joining with two of the other original members, John Springate and Gerry Shephard to tour, and release another album, "Live at the Marquee". 

In 1986 joined forces with prolific songwriter and recording artist, Roger Chapman to record the album "Zipper".


In 1987 Pete joined Boy George (Culture Club) for his tours in France and Iceland, and in 1988 played with the Stranglers off-shoot band “Legendary Purple Helmets".

In the early to mid ‘90’s as well as continuing to tour with The Glitter Band, Pete diversified his interests again and joined indie-rock band "Denim", with whom he appeared on TV (Jools Holland), and recorded Albums "Back In Denim" (with glam-rock influences) in 1992, and "Denim on Ice" in 1996.

1997 was a busy year for Pete with The Glitter Band which culminated with a Christmas Glam-rock extravaganza tour incorporating Showaddywaddy and Mud.

In 1998 The Glitter Band still had a full diary of engagements, but Pete also found time to appear as special guest drummer with Andy Scott’s Sweet at The Brian Connolly Memorial gig at Camden Palace, London. (Click for a bluesy version of Blockbuster performed at that gig, and a fun snippet of Rock n Roll).

And finally, in 1999, on the eve of the new century, as King Penguin, Pete and a re-branded Glitter Band had adventure in sound and style, incorporating different genres, rock, R&B and even some country.

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